Today marks the first day of a new era here at MAYA Design. When I came here in 2008, I truly believed that MAYA was one of the most forward-thinking companies in the world, especially when it came to painting a picture of what the future looked like. I am still inspired on a daily basis today—not only by our core mission to solve complex problems, but also by our curious, engaging, and passionate professionals that make up MAYA’s staff.

It is an incredible honor for me to now lead as CEO and serve this amazing company we have built together. Over the last 13 years, Mickey has tirelessly taken MAYA Design from a spin-off of Carnegie Mellon University to a globally recognized design consultancy, and I look forward to his future contributions to the company from his post as Chairman. In this role, he will help to inform the development of key business strategies and function as a soundboard for our future endeavors.

While MAYA has seen great success, we must continue to push for more. We will remain focused on delivering an unparalleled customer experience by drawing in the notion of “the future” to become a tangible reality. We will translate the future of connectivity to business outcomes, manage our clients’ return on investment, and move products and services to market with speed and efficiency.

We will also renew our focus on growth—not just in terms of numbers or expansion, but also personal impact. Simply put, MAYA Design excels because of our exceptional talent. We are nothing without our people, and so we will continue to invest in growing their skillset and capabilities, as well as recruit the best and the brightest from around the world. Much like our clients, we are investing in our future, growing new talent in a way that meets the market and prepares for challenges to come.

I look forward to leading MAYA Design into the next phase of our company’s evolution, and I encourage everyone at the company to be a part of this process. Let’s develop our vision for the future together.

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