Stuart Roth

Senior Software Engineer

Stuart Roth has dedicated much of his time at MAYA helping to create the Universal Database—a means of storing and distributing all of the information in the world. He continues to be a prime contributor to key pieces of MAYA’s research agenda that began 20 years ago with the development of Visage, an information visualization toolkit.

Recently, Stuart has been working with a team at MAYA on MakerSwarm, a visual authoring tool that runs on mobile platforms. With MakerSwarm, users can select any capability within a device—like the flashlight in your phone or the timer in your watch— and drag and drop into a new app in minutes. The intent is to unlock the power of the “Internet of Things” so that everyone, especially non-engineers, can collaborate in building fun and impactful new products that can be shared across devices in a massive peer-to-peer community.


MS Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh
BS Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh

Outside of MAYA

You can find me playing roadie for my daughter and her band, bicycling with my son, playing board and video games, and reading.

Quote That Inspires Me

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
-Abraham Lincoln

Books I Love

A Distant Mirror by Barbara Tuchman. It’s a lively history of a time period; the 14th century is unfairly viewed as dull. I am also a bit of a history buff.

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein. It’s pretty standard, but I read this a number of times in my youth. It’s an example of somebody taking the time to flesh out a fully-realized world, and not just giving characters funny names.

Earliest Memory of Using Something High-Tech

I had a chess computer in the late ’70s.

First Thing I Built

I built a working ham radio from a kit.

Blog Posts

IoT at Human Scale
Oct 02 2015 in Connected World

We’ve been sold a narrow vision of IoT. There’s now an outstanding IOU to make IoT human-scaled, and give people greater control over their technology.