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The Uncommon Information Commons

Aug 16 2006

MAYA’s Information Commons improves bioinformatics analysis.

MAYA Design is in this month’s Inc Magazine

Jul 12 2006

“Brave New Office” July, 2006 Francine Gemperle, a relatively new mom, and a talented Human Scientist, at MAYA is interviewed, along with a photo shot of her and her son, Milo, at our Pittsburgh office. They both look fabulous. A couple of points related to the article — we are pro Mom and pro Dad, not just pro Mom. We are gender insensitive. MAYA spelling is incorrect.

Francine Gemperle
Senior Design Strategist

Brave New Policy: Babies In the Office

Jul 06 2006

This look at MAYA’s baby-friendly workplace included focused on designer Francine Gemperle and her son, Milo.

Francine Gemperle
Senior Design Strategist

Connections Conference

May 30 2006

Mickey McManus spoke about MAYA’s Pervasive Computing Practice at this conference about the integration of digital technology in everyday life.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Information Architecture Summit 2006

Mar 30 2006

Paul Gould and Aradhana Goel presented a pre-conference workshop about developing an information architecture to span physical and digital environments, and how an architectural view of the world shapes user experience. It includes a series of images from two different domains (grocery and healthcare) intended to serve as the starting point for workshop exercises about the intersection of information architecture, user-experience design, and business strategy.

Paul Gould
Senior Designer

Everyday gadgets go ’smarting’ off

Feb 09 2006

MAYA in the thick of everyday products and Pervasive Computing.

United States IPv6 Summit at the 2006 CES

Jan 30 2006

More information

Missing data at the center of the storm

Jan 23 2006

Josh Knauer and Pari Sabety of the Brookings Institution on the need for accurate, available, accessible and detailed local neighborhood information.

What does “Innovation” really mean?

Jan 16 2006

MAYA’s director of human sciences, David Bishop, talks about balancing innovation against a client’s tolerance or capability for implementing innovative design.

David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist

IA Workshop: User Interface for Physical Spaces

Dec 30 2005

Paul Gould, David Bishop, and Aradhana Goel joined forces with the IA Institute to present a workshop for information architects. The workshop showed a valuable and practical approach to consider when faced with the increasingly porous boundaries between digital and physical domains.

Paul Gould
Senior Designer
David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist