Envisioning a Model Connected City

Creating a Compelling Vision for the Future of Transportation

When Pittsburgh was selected to be a finalist in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Smart City Challenge, City of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto knew his team needed to raise the bar to create a compelling vision for the next generation of transportation infrastructure. The Mayor and his team chose MAYA to help them create an inspiring and cohesive story to make the case for Pittsburgh to be chosen as the model connected city.


Insight & Analysis
User Experience (UX) Design
User Research
A Story That Resonates

Our team began by pinpointing key elements of Pittsburgh’s identity to develop a look and feel representative of the city’s innovative spirit, humility, and hard-working ethos. We facilitated an initial planning session with a team of Pittsburgh leaders, called the Consortium, to create alignment around a purpose, mission, and vision for the challenge’s written application. With the staples of the City mapped out, we could weave the data from the application into a compelling multi-media story.

“If It’s Not for All, It’s Not for Us.”

The final product was SmartPGH, a campaign—including a brand identity, logo, website, and vision video that tied together the information in the written application with Pittsburgh’s history of innovation, resilience, and inclusion— connecting technical details to people with the theme, “If it’s not for all, it’s not for us.” Although Pittsburgh did not win, the campaign was commended for its storytelling, and is still being used as a tool to push forward the infrastructure initiatives included in the Smart City application.


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